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Gordon's Silence Gordon's Silence

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I'll be honest with you.

I feel bad for you, taking part in that piece of shit collab.

Seriously, that Orange Box collab was the worst fucking collab i've ever seen in my life. Just about everything that can go wrong with a collab, happened there. The only reason that it is over 3.00 is because of all the Portal and Team Fortress fanboys. It was so bad, I couldn't even write a review (i don't do that often, anyway).

I am a cynic, which seperates me from the dumb crowd. Yes I actually watched through all the flashes, with lots of pain, and near the end this piece of gold finally appeared (i saw it in that trailer ...).

I gotta say, the art style is great and the joke about the whole silence of Gordon Freeman was good. Too bad you didn't create something much longer. It would have destroyed that whole collab thing. I actually wonder if I would ever create something Half-Life related in the next time ... nahh ... probably not. It still makes me wonder how few the amount of HL flashes is anyway.

(This review ends here, before I end up writing too much shit)

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Greensinge responds:

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate the review, and referring to my part as a 'piece of gold' is just the icing on top!


DD&BT : The Super Show DD&BT : The Super Show

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Rabbez is still the master of randomness

Well, fuck me in the ass, the wait was long, but i could "beta-test" it before, and i loved it. Too bad, this fucker didn't want to include the "SHADDAP"- Megaman. :<

The cliff scene is my favorite, along with the ugly snake.


ScientLOLojyuuichi!! ScientLOLojyuuichi!!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fucking awesome ... but now a serious question ...

Are you by chance John Kricfalusi ... or related ... or ... how the hell did you copy his style that perfect ?! Ren & Stimpy all the way ! Thats not just some coincidence, it can't be ... >:(

When Tom Cruise points his finger at the PC, this was EXACTLY how Ren & Stimpy was animated in the first season ... it's totally confusing me, you've got to tell me.

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LULZunlimited responds:

John K's animation style is one of my biggest and most recent influences. I love those "YOOOOOUUUU!!!!" + GIANT POINTING FINGER cliches from Ren & Stimpy. My drawing style is a little different of course (watch closely) but I was going for a Spumco feel for some of the scenes and characterizations.
So, no, I'm not John Kricfalusi, but someday I will steal his skin and wear it like a suit.

The life of a Camper The life of a Camper

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good old internet classic

Oh yeah this is one of the really old Counter-Strike movie relics. I'm still pissed off that FPSbanana, before known as CSNation got rid of all the flashmovies in their database. It was an awesome collection of mostly shitty CS flashmovies, but they still were fun to watch.

This one however is one of the best ones, like "Fun at Blastation". The part where the CTs storm the garden is my favourite part. Why ? Because it's so damn fucking cheaply animated, yet so funny and true.

The door scene is also fucking hilarious.

It seems like 2000-2002 were the years of Counter-Strike flash animations. Now almost nobody actually makes such stuff like this.

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Dennis the Death Knight Dennis the Death Knight

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Haha ...

Very funny, i have this game installed, but i never find the time to play it.

You know, the beginning of the movie looked like Ultima VI where the Avatar is about to get slaughtered on such a stone. I thought the voice acting is actually really good.

I gonna upload an icon for it.

Duck.fla Spin Duck.fla Spin

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I´ve missed the whole duckday spam or whatever ...

... but still i must say that i liked this flash. Actually it´s cute as hell. The duck dancing to Tale Spin is really hilarious. It seems like the duck was only made for THIS movie, because it fit´s PERFECTLY.

Really good.

Bbq-ish Cop Bbq-ish Cop

Rated 5 / 5 stars


BAHAHAHAHA, this probably your best BBQBeefburger movie ever, so far. It had a plot, action, superb voice acting and a shitload of humor !

Damn i thought the movie would end at the fart joke, but instead BBQ finished off some drug dealing pizza headed bastard ! Yay !

BBQBeefburgerman is more badass than Mr.T and Chuck Norris together.

Bbqbeefburgerman responds:

Thank you my good man.

Axis and Allies (4/16) Axis and Allies (4/16)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You are god, I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF !

Hey there, remember me ? I have reviewed the cat scene before. I just came by at the portal to discover your movie.

Man you fucking rock. Your flash techniques impress me. The whole movie is so damn smooth, the sounds are clear as hell, and i couldn´t stop laughing at that scene with "Hans von Dumm" or whoever jumping into the Panzerfaust rocket. That scene with the tank was damn cool.

You are on a way to perfection, i smell it.

The scene with the cat ran even better than last time.

Oh and that music at the start, showing the sarge marching with his troops ... thats from "Sacrifice" by Shiny Entertainment who also made MDK. Im playing through this game right now and i noticed it instantly.

I wish you would have atleast added some ending, because such a fast ending can sometimes ruin the fun.

Goddamn it, im not even half as talented as you. I´ve never seen something better animated before !

AngryMouse14 responds:

Thanks so much, mate! Yeah, I'll definately have to finish this movie now... Thanks for all the feedback.

And thanks for the info on the Sacrifice music - I'll put that all in now. Cheers!

C&amp;amp;C Red Alert 1 1/2 C&C Red Alert 1 1/2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

w00t, not bad at all

Well finally someone else posted a Command & Conquer flash movie after all that time. I like it.

You did a very good job on the starting menu, very accurate.
Graphics also look good, sometimes they look rushed.

Meh, some of the sounds could have been better. You might want to replace the "building up sound" (the 5 minute screen), the girl scream (the first time its funny with the guy falling down, the other 3 times it gets annoying, try the other scream sounds you find in C&C games), oh yeah and look for a real Star Wars blaster sound ! That should do it. (maybe i forgot something)

Oh and if you want people to find the movie, put a "Command & Conquer" somewhere in your description text so people are able to reach it through the Search engine. The is for example another Red Alert 2 movie which is very hard to find because it has no C&C in the name.

Good job on this one, keep it up.

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Be Sprited 3 Be Sprited 3

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

So rebaz...

Seems like you used the C&C screams i sent you... lawl.

rebaz responds:

HELL YEAA, and again! freaking thnx man!!