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Killerratte's News

Posted by Killerratte - July 15th, 2020

I'm sort of back from the dead. Here's my newest finished project:


Akoopasoup - Free Lyle is a three map WAD for Doom 2 with classic Doom gameplay. It requires a ZDoom-based port like Zandronum or GZDoom to run. The maps can all be pistol started, have been tested thoroughly and can be quite tough. I've made sure to include all difficulty settings


Designed for no crouching and no jumping, Freelook not required. Cooperative play is possible, but not tested.


Gameplay time: Map01 & 02 - 10 minutes each, Map03 - 30 to 45 minutes.




Demons have blasted through your house wall and took your pet turtle Lyle. Fight your way to the infested Tech Citadel that poisons the skies and rescue your friend.

Further info


I've been working on this little project since 2014, but only did serious progress in the last 4 months, when I decided to finally finish it. Map03 was the first one I worked on, but was the last I've finished, because I changed it a lot over the years, it is also the largest of the three.


The WAD features a Doom-style soundtrack by YouTube musician JD Herrera https://www.youtube.com/user/az0919 . I've rearranged and edited his music to fit the gameplay, his music was the main reason why I wanted to continue my work.


The custom textures in this WAD are from Lunatic.wad by the legendary Skillsaw. I used his wad as a base to learn how to put a wad together in the first place, though I honestly still suck ass at the whole editing thing and it's a wonder that it all worked out in the end.




#1 Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o8h0yth6uoeql0x/Akoopasoup.zip?dl=0

#2 Mega: https://mega.nz/file/ysdgRCxQ#Y1jyG9hGGbi4LkCxP4_6qt4SKjfHfg66wsFWD3B89Qg


This is my second WAD release, my previous one from 2013 is called HAM.wad and can be found here: https://mega.nz/file/HtlnnQyK#y6_YTQzsFbXVtIR8JKaElagyyezczma3TOcugUcK4vs


I hope you guys enjoy my little project.


Also before anyone asks, I have no active video projects going ... and C&C Remastered is actually shocklingly well-made, one can only wonder how EA will manage to fuck up the next remastered releases, because it's in their blood to do just that.



Posted by Killerratte - February 24th, 2012


... but since that one is apparently blocked by a million copyright problems, I'm adding this link:



This giant collection of Counter-Strike flashmovies from the years 2000 to 2003 will keep you busy for more than 3 hours.

Yeah, I pretty much collected a bunch of really old flashmovies that were forgotten and lost (some exceptions in there) and repackaged them. If you're from Germany you might have to use a proxy to watch it.


Posted by Killerratte - December 9th, 2011

If I wasn't so fucking lazy and slow, I would have crapped out another flash movie years ago. Instead I do this: Light Rage ... getting 60k+ views and rising.

So, aside from this useless post, here is a picture from my next flash (not that anyone actually gives a fuck):

Getting on the reddit frontpage is too fucking easy ...

Posted by Killerratte - December 13th, 2010

... and it's not even Christmas yet.

Oh well, guess i'll have to buy some bargain games now.

Guess who won an Xbox360 ...

Posted by Killerratte - October 12th, 2009

... that's right. My friend Maniac_Extreme, with his super awesome german accent, wants to voice act for your movies. You can find more information on his profile page. Just follow this link if you're interested:


Anyway, the picture is a preview of a future movie. The other thing is the second Command & Conquer Short, which I made months ago, featuring Tomamoto.

/* */

Voice Acting: The other Kraut bastard would like to ...

Posted by Killerratte - January 3rd, 2009

A thank you to my greatest fan ever. No other human on this planet has ever shown so much interest in me as this lovely guy. TheSaintOfPain, you are the greatest person that ever lived, right after "aherdofgoats".

http://img134.imageshack.us/img134/449 5/mygreatestfaneverez5.jpg

Also, a new DBZ is Gay is in the works.

It is cumming, sooner or later. Go get some lube!

Things nobody gives a shit about !

Posted by Killerratte - September 25th, 2008

I'm not really telling you what it is about, yet. So here is a screenshot.

A "new" flash project

Posted by Killerratte - August 1st, 2008




Posted by Killerratte - May 18th, 2008

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I have uploaded a modified version of Tiberium Catastrophe on YouTube and DeviantFART (i normally never use that fucking furry site). It's in german mostly and i experimented with sounds & stuff ... and you can hear a special message from Maniac_Extreme ... in german, of course.


The YouTube version might be A LITTLE off-sync at some scenes.

In other news, I'm actually working on a new flash movie ... here is a picture ...

Command & Conquer - Tiberium Catastrophe - Kraut Edition

Posted by Killerratte - January 4th, 2008

Yes, unfortunately i'm still alive. Anyway, besides uploading endless waves of game videos on Youtube, i made this Command & Conquer short.


God, forgive me for uploading it to this page of failure, but i don't have many alternatives right now.

This is something i made after i talked with Rebaz on MSN. I was like ---> Hey, didn't do any flash stuff for months ... so we exchanged some ideas.

Basically Rebaz told me to show two minigunner guys shooting at each other, and this came out.
And no, this is not a preview for any upcoming C&C flash. The short doesn't even have a name.

Rebaz also made this a few months ago:

http://img61.imageshack.us/my.php?imag e=macholj2.swf

Command & Conquer - Short