Entry #10

The Ancient Counter-Strike Flashmovie Collection (2000-2003)

2012-02-24 00:32:16 by Killerratte



This giant collection of Counter-Strike flashmovies from the years 2000 to 2003 will keep you busy for more than 3 hours.

Yeah, I pretty much collected a bunch of really old flashmovies that were forgotten and lost (some exceptions in there) and repackaged them. If you're from Germany you might have to use a proxy to watch it.


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2012-02-24 15:30:11

awesome, i always get a kick out of all these old flash movies. will watch it all later when I get a few hours ;)

Killerratte responds:



2012-02-25 18:16:25

Awesome! I always loved these. So much nostalgia.

Here's a suggestion though - put a list of all movies in desciption with the time next to them so that people can quickly find specific flash movies in the video.

Killerratte responds:

I'll consider it when there is actually enough attention to it. So far the interest for this collection seems to be pretty low.